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Picking ollalieberries brightens up a gloomy day!

Picking ollalieberries brightens up a gloomy day!

It’s one of those June-gloom days in Half Moon Bay.  We sorely needed a cheer-you-up activity and went ollalieberry picking!   Took a break from Plangarden and headed over to Pescadero, checking out Phipps Ranch to raid their berry fields.  Lucky for us, there was plenty of super sweet, ripe, almost black fruit to feast on.

Great thing about Phipps is that you get to eat and harvest at the same time.  We left with about 10 lbs – yum!  BTW, our own ollalieberries that replaced the pineapple guava bushes earlier this spring are doing well but there won’t be much of a harvest this year.

Here’s a quick ‘n easy way to make ollalieberry jam:

– Rinse ~2 lbs ollalieberries
– Throw in medium-sized pot
– Add about 1/2-1 cup sugar, mix into berries real well
– Heat up gradually for several hours, reduce to desired consistency, knowing that it will thicken when cooled.

We love putting this on everything – toast, pancakes, ice cream, yogurt, or just eating straight up!

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