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Inky Cap - probably Coprinus atramentarius

Inky Cap - probably Coprinus atramentarius

WARNING: Do not eat  mushrooms in the “wild” – from your garden, da woods, meadow, or any place else unless you have been educated out in the field with an expert for many years.  Due to our inexperience, we do not eat wild mushrooms.

Whew!  With that disclaimer out of the way, I can tell you about how much I love mushrooms – their appearance, the smell (of most), the way they appear suddenly out of nowhere, and of course, the delicious porcinis and morels.  We found these inky cap (coprinus sp.) beauties next to the compost – just like last year.  As they mature, the caps spread apart like an open umbrella and start disintegrating at the edges, turning inky black, spreading inward.

They’re related to the common (edible, fishy smelling) Shaggy Mane.  Coprinus, if ingested even within days of drinking alcohol, will produce alarming reactions (e.g. rapid heart beat, nausea – so bad you feel like you’re gonna die!) so it’s best to admire them and leave it at that.  Read this funny anecdote about a guy who fed Shaggy Mane to his girlfriend.


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