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Beautiful chanterelle specimen - uncertain if Cantharellus subalbidus

Nope, not a white chanterelle but a Clitopilus prunulus specimen! Bummer.

Winter in N. California is a great time for mushroom hunters.  We don’t eat any mushrooms we find (and don’t recommend it unless you’ve been trained in the field), but it’s always fun to find fungi on our walks and try to figure out what it is!

The one on this photo was not taken in CA but rather in Pound Ridge, NY in July ’08.  I came across the white chanterelle (Cantharellus subalbidus) in perusing David Arora’s highly recommended pocket field guide for beginning mycologists in the Western US – All That The Rain Promises and More … and can’t help wondering.  It is one of the more beautiful specimens we’ve seen in the field.

Gary Lincoff was kind enough to ID this as Clitopilus prunulus also known as the “sweetbread mushroom”.


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