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Garlic Shrimp (like Shrimp Scampi) for Lazies

Garlic Shrimp (like Shrimp Scampi) for Lazies

I confess to being occasionally lazy in the kitchen.  Well … ok, often lazy might be more appropriate.  The solution to being a lazy yet discerning foodie?  KISS: keep it simple, (very) satisfying.

This shrimp scampi-style recipe takes about 30 min. start-to-finish and calls for:

  • 1 small bulb (yes, bulb, not clove) garlic
    (peel/mince this while watching the news)
  • peeled, medium-sized, raw shrimp about 3/4-1 lb should feed at least 2, if not 3 people, depending on your side dish and carb intake
  • 3 tblspns corn starch
  • 1/4 cup cooking sherry
  • ~ 5 tblspns olive oil (a healthy fat, so don’t fret!)
  • salt/pepper to taste

Mix corn starch and sherry.  Throw in shrimp in this mixture and let it sit while you work on the garlic.  P.S. Don’t thow the shrimp shells in the garbage.  Bury it in your garden like this.

Peel and mince entire bulb of garlic (or around 6 big cloves).  When finished, return to the shrimp mixture, stir it one last time and then remove excess liquid.

Heat oil in frying pan.  Add minced garlic, cook till slightly golden.  Add shrimp (you should be at med-high heat) and stir fry quickly till done, but don’t overcook.  This usually takes about 3 min.

We usually serve with rice and a veggie dish (zucchini, broccoli are popular).

Our favorite recipes will soon appear on our Plangarden Web site.  Stay tuned!


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African Blue Basil is kept in our cold frame.

African Blue Basil is kept in our cold frame.

Here’s our top ten herbs that we grow (more or less in order of preference) outdoors unless specified:

  1. Garlic – … though some may argue this is not an herb.  We consume way too much of this so perhaps it’s more of a “grain” 😉  Our favorite and hardiest variety is Kettle River.
  2. Basil (indoors or in cold frame at the coast).  We go through tons of basil as we love Italian food.  We have African Blue and the regular basil we bought in a pot at Trader Joe’s (still yielding leaves after 7 months!)
  3. Chives – Think potatoes, soup, salads!
  4. Parsely – Italian (preferred) and Triple Curl
  5. Rosemary – Fabulous for poultry and lamb.
  6. Tarragon – French & Mexican.  Great with artichokes.
  7. Oregano – Sprinkle in pizza stick dough!
  8. Thyme – Delicious on pizza!
  9. Sage – Use sparingly for poultry dishes; great for veggies like zucchini.
  10. Marjoram –  This will be sprinkled on our frenched lamb rack on Christmas Day 🙂

We’d love to hear your favorites and what dishes you use them for.  Let us know!

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