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Many thanks to all who participated in our “Survey for First Attempt Garden Edibles for 2010“. As we learn from your submissions, we are happy to publish them for others to benefit as well! Here is a summary of results.

The most popular plant families were

  • Legume (Fabaceae)
  • Cabbage/Mustard (Brassicaceae)
  • Nightshade (Solanaceae)
  • Squash (Curcurbitaceae)

And the most unusual plant was the Gallus gallus, otherwise known as the “chicken” 🙂

The “eye openers” for us were these:

Strawberry SpinachWarrigal Greens (native to New Zealand), Poona Kheera cucumbers, ‘Petit Posy” which is a cross between kale and brussel sprout, and the Wonderberry, a nightshade relative of the tomato.

Strawberry Spinach and Petit Posy

Strawberry Spinach and Petit Posy (brussel sprout/kale hybrid)

Wonderberry and Poona Kheera Cucumber

Wonderberry and Poona Kheera Cucumber

Vegetables and fruit mentioned were:

Arrugula – Rocket (Burpee seed tape)
Beans – black soup, Borlotti, Dragon’s Tongue, Heirloom Dry, Pole, Wax, Runner
Broccoli – Chinese, Romanesco
Carrots – Purple
Corn – Strawberry & Dakota Black for making popcorn, Bodacious
Cucumber – Lemon, Poona Kheera
Edamame (soybeans)
Eggplant – Black Opal, others
Green Onions (Burpee seed tape)
Kiwi – ‘Jenny’
Lettuce – Rouge d’Hiver Romaine, Gourment blend in seed tape
Peas – Garden, Mange-tout (snow, snap)
Peppers – Ghost. Hottest in the world!
‘Petit Posy’ – cross between Kale & Brussel Sprout
Pumpkin – Giant, of course
Silver beet / chard
Sorrel – French
Spinach – Strawberry
Squash – Butternut, Spaghetti, Summer varieties
Strawberries – white, and other more common varieties
Sweet potato
Tatsoi – Asian greens
Tomato – Opalka (great paste tomato)
Warrigal Greens – aka “New Zealand Spinach” or Tetragonia
Wonderberry – relative to tomato in Nightshade family
Yam beans

And comments:

  • If it’s unusual or crazily coloured I want to grow it!
  • Lots of new veggies for this year, and a couple fruits!
  • Never trying corn again! 2 years of failure.
  • It’s our second season gardening and we’re really looking forward to it since we will know the difference between the weeds and what we planted.
  • Ok, so chickens aren’t plantings, but they will be the focus of our ‘new’ stuff this year.
  • Planted some top fruit & soft fruit last year – looking forward to 1st harvest this year.
  • I am really hoping that these seed tapes will help imporve my yield. My wife is very new to gardening and hates thinning (she feels all the baby plants should have a chance to grow!) the seed tapes promise to reduce the need to thin so I hope to get a better yield from less crowded plants.
  • Probably standard choices for many but new to me
  • Careful with swiss chard – grows like a weed and takes up a lot of space
  • Not much, just starting this year!
  • Very alkaline soil; only thing it will grow is legumes.
  • My first horseradish (in a pot) just died. Want to try again. No quinoa or chia this year – quinoa didn’t form seed. Chooks won’t eat the leaves. Chia low yield

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