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 Highly recommend the Fungus Fair in Santa Cruz for the great food, exhibits and lectures.
Exhibit table with various mushrooms at the Santa Cruz Fungi Fair
Exhibit table with various mushrooms at the Santa Cruz Fungi Fair

It was an awesome event where you could eat many exciting mushroom dishes that you wouldn’t normally even dream of.  Cookies make from candy cap mushrooms (Lactarius rubidus for you Latin scholars) have a sweet maple taste.

The lectures, particularly the one that fascinated my wife – “Poisonous and Psychotropic Mushrooms” – were very informative.  She nabbed a front row seat in this jam-packed room while I squeezed in standing-room only way in the back.  Now what could she have in mind???
While there we picked up some blocks kits of starter Shitake mushrooms for $13 each.  Each block should produce 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of mushrooms (we’ll see about that.)  And it’s made of wood chips and rice hulls.
Here’s my post with Shitake pics on our Plangarden forum: http://www.plangarden.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=896#896

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gardening_sealIt finally happened.  Plangarden got a seal of approval from the National Home Gardening Club.  A great milestone for the application!  Thousands of vegetable gardeners tested, commented and rated the software.  To win the seal of approval, you need to get an overwhelming majority of users to approve you product.

Not only did Plangarden pass the test, but the feedback from the users was tremendous.  It was also a look at mainstream users and not just early adopters.  The lessons learned from the testing will help drive future versions of Plangarden software.

Many thanks to the testers from http://www.gardeningclub.com !

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